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Tired of having to go to the store to buy new games for your Wii?  How about the anguish at having to drop $30 or more dollars on a game you're not familiar with?  WiiWare was developed as Nintendo's answer to these concerns, and to provide a testing ground for less-established companies with innovative ideas. WiiWare is accessed from the Wii's main menu, and new games and programs are purchased through the Wii Shop Channel.  If you want to purchase classic games from other systems, head to the Virtual Console channel, but for original treasures, WiiWare is the place to look.  Games are purchased with Nintendo Points (100 Wii Points = $1), and cost anywhere from 500 to 1500 points.  In 2009, Nintendo also introduced demos for a select number of games. Two of the first games to be released in Japan were Nintendo first-party titles from their popular franchises:
  • My Pokemon Ranch: This game allowed players to transfer up to 1,500 Pokemon from the DS titles to a ranch, where players can watch the Pokemon talk, play, and sleep.
  • Dr. Mario Online Rx:  This popular puzzle game features familiar gameplay from the series.  Players must move pills around the screen to destroy differently-colored viruses.
In addition, Square Enix released Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King.  As opposed to the action-RPG style of earlier titles, this game is a city-building simulator.  The player is responsible for sending out adventurers to collect crystals and building sites to appease their residents.  Unfortunately, the players cannot actually go on quests themselves, but the game did receive good reviews from those who appreciated its niche appeal. As the game library has built up, direct tv durham, game add-on content has been added for certain titles, ranging from 100 to 800 Wii Points.  In North America, there are 258 separate titles, with more being released all the time.  Several of these have garnered critical and player acclaim: see our article "WiiWare Games That Are Worth the Points" for just a few examples.  The relatively small cost of development for WiiWare titles makes them attractive for both companies and consumers.  New games are added all the time (each Monday at noon), so be sure to keep a lookout for future releases.  You may find the next classic game waiting for you, and you won't even have to leave the house.

Playing Frisbee Golf in Your Living Room?!

On May - 14 - 2013 Comments Off
Frisbee golf is a traditional sport that is normally enjoyed outdoors. While everyone loves the long, leisurely walks that are required for this game, there are many times when playing Frisbee golf outdoors is not possible. For those days when the weather is too cold or your child is sick, why not take the Frisbee inside and find a new way to play? Now, with the Nintendo Wii, anyone can get involved in a rowdy game of Frisbee golf without ever having to leave their living room.

When deciding to play Frisbee golf in your living room, there are several things you can do to make the experience even more exciting. Begin by clearing out enough space that you can stand up with your controller and mimic the actual process of throwing a Frisbee. This will help you to improve your aim and also get the physical benefits of throwing a Frisbee. Then, you will want to invite your friends and family to play along. Tossing a Frisbee into a goal is always more fun when others join in the game. Finally, remember to practice both indoors and out so that you can improve your skills and take the lead in any competition.Keep looking, there's more: New Experience 12: Frisbee Golf

Easy Entertainment in Your Own Living Room

On March - 26 - 2013 Comments Off
The Nintendo Wii is more than a children's game console. It is a complete entertainment system for the entire family. Everything you need to turn your new Wii into an interactive home entertainment system is included in the box. Just connect your Wii to your television to get started right away.

Unlike older model gaming systems, the Nintendo Wii does not require discs to play games. The console can be connected to the Internet, either wirelessly or with an ethernet cable. If you connect your system to the Internet, you can download games directly onto your Wii and play them whenever you like. This eliminates the worry of scratched or otherwise damaged discs.

While the console provides a unique gaming experience, it can be used for other forms of entertainment. Netflix and Hulu Plus and preloaded into the system, making it very simple to set up an account and stream movies and television shows directly from the Wii. You thought this was good? Brace yourself: Netflix Instant vs. Hulu Plus vs. Amazon Instant Video

Fitness for the Family in Your Own Home

On June - 24 - 2012 Comments Off
Getting in shape is something that every parent wants for their child but they will often have no idea what to do. This is because some children simply do not like playing sports and would rather spend their time playing video games. Though this might seem like the quickest way to obesity, there is actually a way for you to counteract this with a tool that will help turn things around.

The Wii

The Wii is by far the best video game console on the market today because it actually encourages children to get up and become a part of the game. The days of sitting back and eating junk food while playing video games are finally gone as the Wii is all about making sure that the player is moving. This will definitely help your child get more exercise and not have to worry about gaining weight.

However, it is also equally important that you feed your child the right foods and that you are able to combine exercise and nutrition to ensure that they are always healthy. If you can provide your child these two things, you will definitely help them fight off obesity while they are young.

When You Have Exhausted Your Board Games

On November - 5 - 2011 Comments Off
What do you do when you have exhausted your board games? Many people do not really know what to do, but the makers of the Nintendo Wii system are ready to help you out. The Wii is a great gaming system that can allow practically any person to operate the system with great success. Young children and senior citizens will have a blast playing any of the great games that Nintendo has to offer. The best thing about most Wii games is that they actually can give you somewhat of an aerobic workout. Many of the games are specifically designed to strengthen your muscles and your cardiovascular system, so the benefits of this system are great.Confused? Here 's a little help . Another great feature about the game system is that it can also be played as a normal game system. The Wii also has many accessories to making gaming more enjoyable. You can purchase golf clubs, guns, and other items that connect directly to the wireless controls making the Wii even more lifelike. People around the world have fallen in love with the Wii. The large variety of games, the many accessories, internet access, and variety of games make this truly a family fun experience.
Whether your goal is to gain favor with your boss, win a bet with your buddies, or simply get better at golf, it can be difficult to improve your golf score without paying exorbitant country club fees. Thankfully, the advance of technology has made it much easier to get better at golf, even from your own home. The Nintendo Wii, with its motion activated controllers, is the perfect video game console for golf aficionados.

Wii Golf, released in 2006 as a part of the Wii Sports video game, works well for golfers who want to practice from their own home. Players hold the Wiimote game controller facing straight out with both hands, then swing with force similar to swinging a real golf club. If the player's wrists and swing stay straight, the ball flies straight and far. Otherwise, the ball cuts and spins off course. Advanced players can even put backspin on the ball, or manually change the type of club they need to use for each shot. Putting in Wii Golf is also remarkably similar to real putting. Players can even lean the camera down to the ground to get a better view. For golfers who want to improve their golf score without paying country club fees, Wii Golf is a great option.Related Article : Super Stickman Golf: A 2D Golf Platformer

Improving Your Nunchuck Skills Just Got Easier

On October - 10 - 2011 Comments Off
After Nintendo released the Wii console, the first attachment made available was the Nunchuck. This simple device is a requirement for many Wii games. The Nunchuck is a small remote that attaches to your main Wii remote. It includes an analog stick and two trigger buttons. After your properly attach your Nunchuck to your Wii remote, you're ready to start playing! Many people have trouble getting the hang of using two separate controllers. Practice really does make perfect with this device, and the more you play, they better you'll get.This/tag helps explain it more. Try playing a simple game that doesn't require as much Nunchuck use, and is fairly easy to navigate. Working your way up to more difficult games will give you the time to get used to the Nunchuck, develops your hand-eye coordination, and saves you the frustration. Keep a few inches of space or more between your hands to give yourself enough space to maneuver without bumping your hands into each other. Always remember to keep a firm grip on the Nunchuck and be sure that the Wii remote wrist strap is secured around your wrist. Nunchucks can be difficult to use in the beginning so just keep playing and practicing!

More Reasons to Own a Wii

On August - 31 - 2011 Comments Off
Let's say your house can only get http://www.satelliteinternetbroadband.com/ internet so you can't play live action games onlinewhat are you to do? Get a Wii, of course! Here are a few of the best reasons to get a Wiias if you needed any more.
Socialization: It's still the best system for playing live with other people and it encourages social interaction like no other game on the market. It's fun to play with friends or even your parents - how many games can you say that about?
Hand-Eye Coordination: If you've got your sites set on making your way up to better gaming experiences, this is the best place to start. Wii can help you get familiar with the feeling of a controller in your hands and you'll feel good all around about how your body moves.
Graphics: There's nothing about the Wii graphics that makes you go "WOW!" but they sure are fun to look at, right? If you've got a soft spot for old school comics or you just like really colorful gaming experiences, Wii is your system.

Family Fun Entertainment in Your Own Home

On April - 29 - 2011 Comments Off
Picking activities that are going to provide family fun entertainment in your own home can be difficult. People use to play board games and cards games as a family and consider that a game night. Family fun might have also meant renting a movie together and watching it as a family. As kids get older and the games kids want to play change, it is important to change with the times as a family. Movies and card games still have their place, but they might not be the best activity all the time.

One video game has understood this more than any other and tried to create a family friendly platform. Nintento Wii has made it so people of all ages can play, and compete with family members. Most systems even come with a game such as Wii sports, which allows family members to compete against each other in bowling, golf, tennis, and things of that nature.

These games are motion activated which make them fun for people of all ages. There are plenty of family games to pick from such as Super Mario Brothers, Mario Kart, Mario Party, and plenty of sports games. This is the perfect way for the family to spend time with each other.

Ways to Keep Your Family Fit and Healthy

On April - 14 - 2011 Comments Off
I am so happy that the good weather is finally here and the long, cold winter months are over. This past winter was especially frigid and it seemed like the kids never left the house. When I was a kid, it did not matter what the weather was like. We were always outside playing and getting plenty of excercise; fitness was important to my group of friends.

So how was I going to keep my family fit and healthy during the winter? I was not about to let my kids end up all rollie-pollie like my friend Ted's kids. They never go outside, even when it is a gorgeous day! I definitely had a plan and it was a good thing the holidays were coming because Santa Claus was going to bring the family a Nintendo Wii for Christmas!

The kids were extremely happy when they opened their present and my wife was too, especially when she got the Wii Fit board she had been dying to get. Now everyone can stay fit and healthy no matter what the weather is outside and can have fun too. I never thought I would have so much fun with motion-gaming; we spend a lot more time together as a family and that means a lot, especially to the kids!